Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation Ideas You Can Try Today

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Did you know that Facebook Messenger now has over 1.3 billion users using it every month? Yes, you read right -1.3 billion users. Amazing, right?

Facebook Messenger is one of the top four messaging apps. And according to a report published on Business Insider Intelligence, the top four messaging apps, (WeChat, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, and Viber) are being used more than the top four social media networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

Creative chatbot names

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it’s also worth noting that the gap between these two mediums is getting bigger every month!

A study carried out by Facebook IQ also supports this trend. Over 2,200 people from different regions across the world were involved in this study. According to the results of the survey:

51% prefer to purchase goods and services from businesses they can send messages to.

56% noted that they would rather send a message than call the customer service of a business.

67% noted that they have sent more messages to businesses over the past two years.

55% are more likely to trust a business they can send a message to.

Now, you see why you should employ the use of Facebook Messenger marketing in your marketing campaign.

The channel is simply a tool waiting to help bring your business to the next level. But, how do you leverage Facebook Messenger?

Well, we have outlined 5 amazing ways in which you can use this messaging app for your marketing.


Newsletters, promo offers, new product promotions, and other content are typically promoted through email. Many marketers know how to do this and many even believe it’s the best way.

But what if we told you that using Facebook Messenger is a better way. You’ll get improved open rates and a higher percentage of clicks.

Hubspot is a great use case. They decided to experiment with a FB messenger chatbot for a month. Instead of sending their content through email, they sent their content through Facebook Messenger.

After a month of testing this strategy, they realized that their open rate increased by 242% and their click rate went through the roof by an amazing 619%.

You can achieve this too by leveraging the power of messenger bots.


You can use Facebook Messenger to help your customers, readers, or followers find the most relevant content for them.

Whether it’s a product in your store or an article on your website, a Facebook Messenger chatbot can help you simplify the search process.

Once your customer inserts a relevant search term, the chatbot surfs through your catalog and provides them with products or content that matches their descriptions.


Customer support is the backbone of any business. And FB Messenger can make this backbone a lot stronger.

The Facebook survey results we mentioned earlier noted that 56% of people would send a message to a business instead of putting a call through to their customer service reps.

Additionally, providing support for your customers through their preferred channel shows that you care about them and also establishes trust.

According to a survey carried out by Sprout, consumers on social media expect businesses to respond to their problems within four hours.

On average, most brands take up to ten hours to reply to their consumers’ complaints. This survey of over 1000 people also noted that 30% of consumers will purchase products from competitors if their favorite brands fail to reply.

So, you see, building a fast, simple, and efficient customer support system with the Facebook Messenger will save you a lot of stress and money.


You can use the Facebook Messenger channel to generate high-quality sales leads.

This marketing strategy is relatively new. Therefore, it is bound to grab people’s attention, which helps you generate high-quality leads.

You can set up your Messenger ads to direct users to your messenger bot when they click to learn more.

Once they are in your Messenger bot, the bot will initiate a conversation with them, asking them relevant questions about what they want. You can even include an option for them to speak to a real sales rep.

You can use a messenger bot to create a lead score based on the conversation and then direct people to the next step based on the lead score. For high quality and urgent leads, you could direct them to a human rep to close as soon as possible.

Elizabeth Knight, Business Development Manager at Chit Chat Agency.

With the information collected by your bot, you’ll be able to offer the customer what they really want or provide them with something better. You can even use the bot to offer them upsells and down-sells.

The information collected by your chatbot can be analyzed and used to enhance your marketing campaign.

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