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Gilmore Girls: Why being “Team Logan” is not such a bad thing

With the ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’, premiere date quickly approaching, I thought I would take a moment to write about why some mobile may have misjudged Rory’s final boyfriend of the original series, Logan Huntzberger (give me a moment before judging.) Ever since the revival was announced, and the excitement of the news of each boyfriend making a return, fans immediately jumped into which team they are on, Team Dean, Jess or Logan.

Unfortunately for Dean, he has been taken out of the running for who Rory should end up with in the end, that is, if she does choose to be with one of her original boyfriends at all. Dean and Rory, as good as they may have been for each other at the time, just didn’t have enough of the same goals to make it work. Then there was Jess, and don’t get me wrong, I love Jess, so he would also be a great match for her. But when they were together, they were unfortunately in two different places, but by the time we saw Jess for the  last time they were almost a perfect match…almost.

There is a very good argument to be made that Rory and Jess would be a great end goal, but I think there is also an argument to be made for Logan. He was not always perfect, not by any means, but he has a lot of qualities that balanced Rory. Yet since the show has ended, there seems to be a lot of fans who don’t like Logan, and especially now that there is the potential that the two could end up together in the end. So here are some reasons as to why I think they could work:

1. Their first encounter was unlike the previous two:

Their first meeting was unlike any other first meeting with Rory’s prior boyfriends, he made her uncomfortable, not intrigued. And not uncomfortable in a creepy way, but he challenged her rather than chase her. Dean and Jess were always in competition for her. Logan however made Rory chase him; now yes, some can say that is why they don’t like him, but Logan was never the person to cater to anyone. He pushed her to try new things and step outside of her comfort zone; his prerogative was not to spend his time running after a women who only knew how to be chased.

2. Logan allowed Rory to see a new side of herself:

Dean wanted Rory to be a stay at home wife, and Jess wanted Rory to run away with him, to live a life where they would probably struggle (not that that’s a bad thing if that is what she wanted), but Logan gave Rory a different option, and one that I think she really loved. Logan came from a life of privilege, and Rory came from a background where her mother worked her way up from nothing, always steering her away from a privileged life.

Yet Rory seemed to fit in quite well into that lifestyle when Logan opened the door into it. She had always seemed to be intrigued by what that life could be, when she finally got the chance to connect with her grandparents, and she jumped right in with Logan. He offered a different life and she never appeared to be scared of it the way her mother was, being one of the few differences between them.

3. He was supportive of her own independence:

Dean smothered Rory, and Jess made her question what she thought she wanted (when they were dating, not later) but Logan was almost the perfect balance for her. He never smothered her, he never questioned her ambitions, in fact he supported them and always tried to help her in any way he could. While they dated, he never expected or asked Rory to change, they each just continued to do things they loved, and fit each other into their lives quite seamlessly.

4. He allowed Rory to be immature:

Before going to college, Rory was the epitome of the perfect kid, she never rebelled, except maybe the one time she got in a car accident with Jess. But Logan brought out the immature side of Rory, which is something I think she desperately needed. She obviously went way overboard at times (stealing a boat!) but she had fun, she went to parties and embraced a different side to life. She never changed who she was, but she did begin to understand that being a “party person” didn’t mean that she couldn’t still be her. He allowed her to shed her preconceived ideas of people she had judged her whole life.

He was always a constant reminder for her to live life to the fullest. Now, he of course took things to far at times, but throughout the course of their relationship, Rory really opened up and began trying new things.

5. They had the most in common:

Rory and Dean didn’t have much in common, Jess however, they shared a lot, his love of reading and music is what drew Rory to him in the first place. Yet Logan, I personally think had the most in common with Rory. He matched her intellectually and challenged her in debates, he worked on the paper, he was well read, well-travelled and towards the end was incredibly ambitious; and even though his first solo endeavor failed, he took a chance, and then quickly got himself back on his feet afterwards. Yet his ambitions always had a place for Rory, even when he wanted her to move to San Fransisco he had looked into places that she could chase her dreams as well.

6. He respected her relationship with Lorelai:

Dean was always the one that Lorelai liked the most, and judging from a moms point of view I can see why, he was safe. Jess was the type of guy that every mother would  be scared of because of unpredictability and the lack of respect. But Logan striked the fear of god into Lorelai, Rory changed the most when she was with Logan and that scared her (can’t blame her). But, Logan always respected Rory’s close relationship with her mother and time and time again did what he could to ease Lorelai’s mind. He was the only boyfriend that treated her with the most respect, and never tried to undermine her as Rory’s mother. He in fact, always did the opposite, trying to include Lorelai in as much as he could, and also giving the greatest respects when asking Lorelai for Rory’s hand in marriage.

7. He challenged Rory:

Through their entire relationship, Logan pushed Rory to be her best, he tested her limits and challenged her intellectually. He was exactly what Rory needed, he was never afraid to ask her tough questions and really make her think about the things that she really wanted. Logan helped make Rory fearless.

8. He made grand gestures:

When you have unlimited money at your disposal you can pretty much make any grand gesture you want, and Logan mostly nailed them. I mean come on… he hired a coffee cart! But the one that stuck out in my mind was when he wasnt trying to impress Rory, it was when she needed him most. When Richard was in the hospital, he dropped everything and took a private plane to get back to her as quickly as he could.

9. He Changed!:

This I believe is that biggest reason that I might be slightly swayed to the side of Team Logan. At the beginning, yes, Logan was quite the jerk, he was the typical immature rich kid; but by the end he was a totally different person. He lived through his immature days, but in the end realized that Rory was his end goal, living a life with her and supporting her was his new ambition. He needed to go through everything he went through to understand what he really wanted in life, and NO he did not cheat on her.

He treated Rory the best, by the end he always made time for her, and wanted to move forward with their lives together. Logan loved Rory for everything she was, and never once wanted her to change for him, he in turn changed for her; but not out of force, it was because she made him want to be a better man.

Logan had a charm about him that was hard to deny. He lived life on the edge and in turn was the perfect counterpart to Rory, he wanted her to live life to the fullest, and I personally believe she needed that push. He supported her in everything that she did and if Rory was to end up with Logan at the end of the Gilmore Girls revival, I would be one of the fans who would love that, doesn’t he also deserve a happy ending? I think that is what people forget the most, Logan was the one who had his heart-broken… not Rory.

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