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I help businesses increase their organic traffic and online visibility through technical site audits and strategic SEO consulting.

Services can include, but are not limited to:

Technical Site Audits, Analytics & Reporting
• looks at the overall health of the site
• identifies issues by way of errors, warnings, and notices
• backlink audits to identify all toxic backlinks
• keyword research offers insights into search volume and keyword difficulty
• “live”​ real-time ranking reports, position tracking tools, and competitor reports
• assistance with search engine penalties and reconsideration requests

Content Marketing
• content development suggestions already aligned with link building efforts
• content optimization suggestions

Link Building
• ethically acquired freely given links
• teach theory and best practices on prospecting and outreach
• trusted and authoritative domains with high domain rank and number of backlinks

Usability & User Experience
• looks at crawlability, HTTPS, and performance
• includes page crawl depth, and page (HTML) load speed
• looks into site architecture, URL structure, and data aggregation
• examines the quality of the internal and external linking structures
• insights into data from heat maps, and mobile analysis
• on page optimization suggestions

Brand & Community Management
• social media marketing
• online reputation management
• local marketing
• off page optimization suggestions
• affiliate programs
• build relationships within the local community and beyond, to county, state, national, and international associations and organizations 

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